Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Greetings everyone, happy new year ..2009 and happy new year 1430H

Thanks for stopping by, in this blog i will be sharing my experience in cupcakes..
hope it will be something that benefits you and me..

For the first time i'm opened my own blog and since last year but always pending and keep pending because of my lazy dieseas..eheheh. But now i'm confident and has a lot of things and fotos that i want to show with u all out there regarding my homemade cake and cupcakes. I'm started like to bake cupcake since one day my friend bought cupcake from one of her friend and the taste quite nicely. Then one day just suker..suker search from internet and try to find out chief-chief kat kl ni yg buat baking class...kekekek then i met one fotopages under cheif Kak Ida Isk...thanks to kak ida b'coz teach me how to bake and deco the cupcake. Then sedang berjinak nak belajar buat kek pulak. Especially kek yg tinggi2 tu.....seronoknyer....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lemon Cheese Cake

Thanks for the ordered -Ina ....

Ordered From Suriatie........Thank U

Ordered frm Ayu...Thank u Very much.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Brownies yummy

After makeover
Before makeover

2nd time made brownies chewy gewy ni just for makan2...so yummy...i like it very much..i though difficult but very easy...siap buat makeover with sifted granulated sugar.

Ordered frm my cousin nurun...she would like to bring it to Terengganu for makan2 with among of her friend(lecturers). Thank u...

Ordered from ayu for her 4th Annivesary and for his nephew and brother bday....thanks ayu...

Siti Alia Maisarah B'day

Cupcake with edible pic ni dibuat khas for my daughter goodies bag and some of candies inside it. I told her to give it to all your friends at babysitter house (mak)... She 's become 2 years now...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cake Resepi

Resepi ni ambik kat Myresepi.com..teringin sangat nak buat carrot cake ni tapi tak berkesempatan...but ku kuatkan semangat utk mencubanyer..at last menjadik jugak....sedap........rasernyer apetah lagi berfrostingkan cheese...yummmyyy

Carrot cake

4 biji telur (dibiarkan pada suhu bilik dan diasingkan putih dan kuning)
1 1/2 cawan corn oil atau vegetable oil (kalau tiada minyak masak pun boleh)
120g gula castor
100g brown sugar
1 1/2 cawan carrot (diparut

bahan diayak:
250g tepung gandum, 1 sudu teh serbuk cinnamon, 1 1/2 sudu teh baking soda
100g walnut (dicincang sedikit)

1 sudu teh garam

120g butter
250g creamcheese
120g icing sugar


*Pukul kuning telur, kemudian masukkan minyak, gula (kedua- dua jenis) dan carrot. kacau sebati, masukkan walnut
*masukkan bahan yang diayak.Kacau perlahan guna senduk kayu. Masukkan garam..
*dlm mangkuk yg lain, pukul putih telur sampai betul2 kembang(soft peak form)step ni penting! dan masukkan dlm adunan kek tadi
*bakar pada suhu 170C selama 50 min

Sekiranya kek masih melekat kat lidi atau pu cake tester..maksudnyer belum masak betul.Kurangkan suhu ke 150C~160C dan bakar lagi selama beberapa minit sehingga kek benar2 masak .

Untuk Topping:

pukul semua bahan2 hingga sebati & ringan.Hias atas kek yg telah disejukkn pd suhu bilik kemudian.

Coconut Pandan sponge cake

Cheese Cake

Gia Birthday Cupcake

Hepy b'day tu najihah....(ordered by sal)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Peach Cheese Cake Chilled

1st time made cheese cake chilled with sliceses of peach for topping. Ermm so cheeeezyyy... I like cheese very much...ehheehh

Various Cartoon Toys Cupcakes

Ordered from sue Melaka... she came to KL for collect her cupcakes. These cupcake actually to celebrate her nephew and niece b'day. Thank you very much sue...

My Brother Engagement on 25th Dec 2008

Cupcakes for my brother engagement, sugarpaste flowers with red and white theme. Congratulation for your engagement.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Upin & Ipin Cupcakes

Yeahhhh..Upin & Ipin cupcakes ordered by Ayu for his family... His son likes to watch this cartoon so she asked me to draw on her cupcake. wahh amat mencabar even tak sama but tempias...tempias seruper jugaklah ...kekekek